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Forum Democrit

Forum Democrit (FD) is a non-governmental organisation aiming to enhance the public understanding of science, to improve the image of Bulgarian scientists and to promote interest in science among young people.

Since its establishment in 2001, the science communication project has become increasingly influential through the development of science communication websites under the domain Democrit.com. Four years later Green.Democrit.com was created and especially designed as a web place for attracting younger and broader audiences. The creative hub of Forum Democrit is its interdisciplinary workgroup (SciComms Group) particularly focused on improving science and society dialogue and on re-converging science and culture through all relevant means of science communication practices. The Group includes researchers, journalists, artists, and experts from science related SMEs who believe that bridging the gap between their professional fields will alter the questionable image of scientists and will challenge the public preconceptions about the scientific progress, products and career.

The MARCH project on the Forum Democrit website: http://democrit.com/category/ma-r-ch/

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